4.  Artist Studio of Sydney-based Painter, Dana Trijbetz.  Image 1.jpg

Dana Trijbetz is a Sydney-based artist painting expressive, black and white artworks.  Her original ink paintings are made into Giclée Fine Art Prints, with archival pigments on a beautiful textured 100% cotton fine art rag.

Her love of bold mark-making and rough quill-marks comes through in the textural quality of her work.  Dana’s practice is influenced by the brushwork of Zen Calligraphy, Impressionist and Abstract paintings.  She draws upon a love of black and white photography, carving in strong cast shadows and soft dappled light in her paintings. 

The large-scale Fine Art Prints show the delicate details and subtleties that are often missed at the size of the original inkwork.  There is a quiet freedom and gentle calm that lies at the centre of her intuitive artistic practice.

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