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Dana Trijbetz is an expressive and heart-based artist.  She paints using a pot of black ink, a quill nib and a pile of brushes, making archival-quality Fine Art Prints of her ink paintings. 



Her love of mark-making and free brushwork lies at the centre of her intuitive artistic practice.  Painting from a place of emotion, there is a gentle sensitivity and connection in her pieces.  Her artworks have a very tactile and textural quality, being inspired by working with materials and natural tones, textures and forms.  It is the feeling of painting that allows a freedom and a sense of calm that is like no other for her.

Dana’s practice is influenced by the free brushwork of Zen Calligraphy, the delicate approach to light of Impressionist painters and the brave mark-making of Abstract paintings.  She draws upon a love of Black and White Photography, bringing beautiful strong cast shadows and dappling light into her pieces.

All of her black and white artworks are made as Giclée Fine Art Prints on 100% cotton paper and are of the highest archival standards. Working with such a high-quality Fine Art printing process allows her to take expressive ink-work and enlarge the pieces to show all of the delicate detailing that is often missed at the original painting’s size. The poetry of the perfect imperfections that ink allows is really shown through her pairing of the print and painting mediums together.

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