The sentiment of a piece is so important to me.  Capturing connection, emotion and heart is at the core of what I do.  I work using Indian Ink on Watercolour Paper for my original paintings, starting from A3 size and up.  I am able to paint from high-quality photos and would be so happy to discuss any commission work you had in mind.

wedding portraitS

A beautiful way to keep memories, painting a very special day for this lovely couple.


Pet Portraits

A painting of a very loved family member.  It was wonderful to be able to paint this piece for them.



These two large scale ink paintings were commissioned for the front windows of a Gin Bar in Redfern, Moya’s Juniper Lounge.  They recreated William Hogarth’s 1700’s artworks, ‘Beer Street’ and ‘Gin Lane’. The first piece stayed true to the original artwork and the second relocated the painting to a modern day Redfern landscape.